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SHREERUDRA BhimSeni Pure Camphor 100 grams

SHREERUDRA BhimSeni Pure Camphor 100 grams

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Product Description

How To Use : To promote positive energy and create a positive aura around you and your home, diffuse ShreeRudra Bhimseni Camphor using an aroma diffuser, aroma burner, or kapur dani.

Why we should use Bhemseni Camphor : It has 100% organic elements that relax the mind, keep mosquitoes away, and give off a fresh smell that makes your life more positive and joyful.

How to confirm BhimSeni Camphor's Purity : When entirely diffused, pure Bhimseni camphor evaporates completely and doesn't leave any ash or residue behind.

NO DANGEROUS CHEMICALS: ShreeRudra Bhimseni Camphor is pure and made from 100% camphor; due to its Ayurvedic properties, it can be used in a Steam Vaporizer to relieve cold symptoms.

DIFFUSE EASILY - LONG-LASTING FRAGRANCE: ShreeRudra Bhimseni Camphor is easy to grip due to its suitable size and form. Furthermore, because the product is pure camphor, it diffuses rapidly and with little effort on an Aroma diffuser / Aroma burner / Kapur dani.

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